The Abandoned Tower

"Can you guys go to my old place and pick up a few things for me?" - The Wizard Herimon

Herimon the Wizard

Herimon the wizard didn’t have to search long to realize that the adventurers had severely damaged magical patterns and suggested that the key to unlocking their histories lay in their weapons and personal gear. He offered to study the items and brew a cure for the disease if the heroes would go to his old tower and retrieve a few items. Once they had agreed, the wizard quickly teleported them to the abandoned tower.

The Abandoned Tower

The tower proved to be a series of deadly and unrelenting traps that the heroes had to use every bit of wit and resource to overcome. Upon teleporting to the tower the adventurers were met with continually animating lightning corpses. They made their way through a second area, seemingly an vacant dragons roost. Up the stairs into the next area the Halfling unlocked a complex door of gears while the rest of the team battled jagged shard golems. Finally in the wizards old study angry wraiths descended on the group as they searched for the ingredients required by the wizard for the cure.



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