Off to see the wizard

Ceril made good on his promise to show the unnamed a path to the wizard Herimon, who might be abe to decipher the source of their lost memories and power, as well as find a cure for the strange ailment spreading through Haven.

Orc Skorchers

Once out of the under keep the adventurers were faced with a desperate situation. Orc Skorchers had attacked the previous night taking away 15 of the villagers and returned just as they were emerging from the keep to claim more lives and take prisoners. While the Orc focused primarily on killing villagers the heroes fought desperately to save their lives. In the end only 5 graves had to be dug for the newly formed village of Haven. (DM’s note – after spending many sessions collecting villagers from the keep I wanted to make them a resource the players had to worry about, so I had a battle where the players had to protect them. I made the villagers minions, so even one hit would put them at risk of dying. The results were very positive. The players truly felt sad every time one of the villagers were struck down. To add to the players hatred for the Orcs I seperated the villagers into men and women and had one Orc sneak around the side and go fro the undefended women once he knew they were losing the fight. He didn’t manage to kill any, but it set the tone for the players and hopefully will fuel the hatred for when they meet in future sessions.)

Who do we save?

Once the Skorchers had been dealt with the villagers pleaded with the heroes for aid. The Orcs had taken the villages primary hunters in the previous nights raid. Without them they will slowly starve to death. Also, the children and some of the elderly had come down with a magical affliction requiring magical aid beyond the talents of the adventurers.

After a quick discussion, the heroes felt the lives of the children most important and decided to go to see the wizard and deal with the slavers upon their return with a cure.

Alexi the Purple Dragon

On their way to the wizard, the adventurers happened across the site of a ambushed caravan. The mangled corpses of six name-givers strewn about. The assailant, a purple dragon had obviously used it’s mind powers on The Paladin, who was convinced that the dragon must be intelligent and therefore a candidate for diplomacy (DM’s note: Alex is a rampant meta-gamer, so to mess with him I list the dragon as Alexi in the initiative order, rather than a number as I usually do. This convinced him that the dragon must be an ally rather than an enemy. The dragon was about 3 round from a TPK, when I had to remind Alex that the dragon had yet to respond to any of his gestures of goodwill and that o far, he’d been attacking every turn.). Suffering a serious wound the purple dragon vanished into the night sky.



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